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Pentecost: Celebrating the Spirit’s gifts and fruits

by the Rev. Bill Danaher

Pentecost celebrates the day that the Holy Spirit was given to the Church. This moment is recorded in the second chapter of the Book of Acts (2:1-42). The Spirit descended as a wind and fire

Church Fair offers a “slice of heaven” for our church family

by the Rev. Manisha Dostert

Our annual Church Fair is Sunday, May 21. In preparation for it, Jill Bednas and Kate Bell and the Children and Youth and Hospitality Committees have ordered hot dogs, chips, ice cream and popsicles. The

Recognizing the service of our acolytes

by Jill Bednas

The Acolyte Corps, or AC as we affectionately call it, is home to the largest youth group at CCC and probably the largest in the state; we average around 52 youth ages 12-18. Acolytes have served here

Meeting Jesus again through children’s spring play

by the Rev. Imogen Rhodenhiser and Kate Bell

One of the ways that we’re invited to meet Jesus over and over again is in the faces of children. Our devoted Sunday School teachers do this every week; they give of