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Finding Joy in small moments during COVID-19

By Tim Smalarz

The coronavirus has affected all of our lives in so many ways:  from the way we interact with one another, to the way we work, to the way we learn and to the way we worship, just

The Holy Triduum: Celebrating the Mystery of Easter

By Nathan Costa, Assistant Director of Music & Liturgist

The Holy Triduum (Latin, for “three days”) comprises the most important celebrations of the entire Christian calendar. These Three Days conclude our 40-day Lenten journey of “prayer, fasting, and

The Challenge of Being Served

By Joe LaVela

Today, Maundy Thursday, Jesus washes the Apostles’ feet in order to set for them an example of how they are to serve.  At the same time, he made them practice being served, a difficult lesson

Embracing my Fears, Deaths and Resurrections

By Meredith Skowronski, Executive Assistant to the Rector

For the past four weeks the pandemic has left me in a state of fear. My fears are many: fear for my loved ones who are elderly and alone, fear

Generosity in the Face of Scarcity

Christ Church Cranbrook releases $30,000 to Community Non-Profits

By Father Chris Harris, Associate Rector

Among the hardest hit during this health crisis has been those who were already the most vulnerable in our communities; those who live

Staying Psychologically Healthy during the Coronavirus

By Dr. Steven Huprich, PhD, Senior Warden

Months ago when I agreed to write this column, I never dreamed we would be in the situation we are now.  Recently, CCC hosted a webinar on the Psychology of Pandemics (you may

Special Project Committee for Campus Renovation – March 2020 Report

As all have heard through Fr Bill’s recent communication that we continue to live-streaming worship services while still conforming with Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order.  That is not the only thing that continues at

How do we navigate church life in these times?

By Steven Huprich, Senior Warden

We live in unprecedented times.  I hope that you are staying healthy and moving through this period with grace, patience, and support. It is a time like no other, and the requirements for us to

Message from the Rector: We are STILL Live-streaming Worship Services!

By the Rev. Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr., Rector

By now I hope all of you are following the Governor’s orders, so we can minimize the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most

All Parish Check-In

By Jill Bednas, Minister for Growth & Engagement

Like many of you I’ve been trying to figure out how to manage home and work life in this pandemic world we now live in.   I’ve been thinking about how parishioners will