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From Our Founding to Our Future: This Week’s Spotlight: Participation

Since June we have updated you about the From Our Founding to Our Future capital campaign. This coming week, a mailing will be sent to more than 500 parish families requesting a prayerful consideration of a sacrificial multi-year

Surprised By Joy: One Family’s Journey of Generosity

by Steven Huprich, Junior Warden

Growing up, my parents were very reluctant to speak about money, particularly to anyone outside the family who might be asking them to consider how to spend or commit their finances. They seemed especially

Why I am involved in the Capital Campaign

by Sarah Allison, Campaign Leadership Committee member

When I was asked to be involved in the From Our Founding to Our Future capital campaign, it was very easy for me to shout “YES!” because I love the Episcopal

What are the Challenges of our Existing Space

By Father Chris Harris, Associate Rector and Jill Bednas, Minister of Growth and Engagement 

Church development professionals tell us that one of the primary reasons people come to church is to find a sense of community – a

The Past Three Months and the Past Three Years

By Imogen Rhodenhiser, Associate Rector 

This past April, I presented my spiritual autobiography as part of our Lenten Wednesday night series. At one point during it, I reflected on my relationship with my spouse, Giles, and wrote, “n our

Why I Volunteered for From Our Founding to Our Future

By Marc Robinson, Campaign Leadership Committee Co-chair

When Father Bill asked me to serve as a co-chair of the From Our Founding to Our Future capital campaign, I hesitated.  I would be traveling, I already serve on a couple

Growing in Faith to Help our Future

By Mollie Proctor, Campaign Leadership Committee Co-chair

I vividly remember my visits as a child to Christ Church Cranbrook with my grandparents. It was a special weekend when I could spend the night at their house in the “blue

Healing Your Heart, Healing Your Mind

By Amy Ryberg, Healing Prayer Ministry member, and Pastor Manisha Dostert

Each week in our lives brings unexpected experiences and events and each Sunday, there are prayer ministers who will help you pray for whatever is on your heart and

A Huge Thank You

When life is: unfair, scary, changes, sad, good and busy, God is GOOD! And wow, have we been BUSY! The preparation and implementation of Vacation Bible School was EPIC! Thank you God! This past week, all the work and preparation

Visioning Our Future: Christian Education

By Mother Imogen Rhodenhiser, Associate Rector

One of my favorite, hidden treasures at Christ Church Cranbrook is an engraving in the stones high above the Library Door which reads, “Teach us what we shall do unto the child that shall